Chuck Hoyle is a chemist by schooling but a writer by passion.  His writing draws from his adventurous life which includes serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Cameroon, Africa, teaching math and science in Micronesia, teaching English in Korea, two extended motorcycle trips though Europe and Morocco, working as a rescue scuba diver on a dive boat in California’s Catalina Island, working as a commercial salmon fisher in Alaska, skydiving, shark diving and mountain climbing.

He has been active in Community Theater, which led to a movie debut, and has been “Mr. Chuck” a Korean elementary school icon giving weekly closed circuit video English lessons.

His writing also reflects his roots which are traced back to living with a family who were children of the grapes of wrath located in California’s Central Valley, as well as his upbringing as a PK (preacher’s kid).  In addition, his writing reflects his work experience in chemistry labs and teaching, bringing a pedagogical approach to his writing.

Currently, Chuck lives in Maine with his wife, spending his time wishing for mild winters, endless summers and travels that will never end.

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