Bubble Wrap for the Mind
This book is an eclectic collection of short stories, thirteen in all.  The reader can find a wide range of evocative emotions while moving from story to story.  Each of the stories is a snippet of human experience ranging from sad to hilarious and to deeply moving.  The author spends time in slapstick humor, philosophical musings and observation of the human condition. Each story has its own mood and course.  There is no particular direction to this anthology of short stories because each story has its own character.  The author has encapsulated many angles on the view of life.  The book is a short read but one which will pull the reader through each story with curiosity for what the next story might offer.  There are rewards in finishing each.

Shades of Redemption
This book begins with two worlds at war in the same solar system.  A pair of individuals from both adversary planets flee to earth for protection from their own orbiting spheres with thoughts of revenge against each other.  The story follows their tribulations on how they try to adapt to their new and strange environs.  Conflict from these two planets manifests itself on earth and a struggle ensues.  This quarrel ends up to be a deadly endeavor which is unknown to all on earth except for one man who is, for various reasons, very invested in finding the aliens.  There are six principle characters that fill the story with intrigue and put into word the direction of the novel. 
The resolution of the struggle between the aliens is in doubt to the very end.

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